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Venue : Panorama Hotel Prague, Milevska 7, 140 63 Praha 4, Czech Republic.

Day 2 :

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According to the useful effect of probiotics on safety of alimentary tract, We decided to study on them for eradication of H.Pylori in our pediatric patients. We chosen 100 patients with ages between 7-18 years. We diffierented randomize by two groups similar numbers.Group1 with standard tripel therapy, and Group2 with standard triple therapy pluse probiotic for 14 days. (Tripel therapy:PPI ,Amoxicillin, claritromycine, Probiotic:saccharomyces bolardi).After one month oftreatment,we found success range of treatment in Groupe1(70.8%)and Group2(89.9%)by UBT test

Without any side effect.(The Method of our study was clinical experimental and analysised  our dataes  by ssps and Epi-info2000 SAS.P>0.005).                                                                                       


According to the our study,was significant different between to group about success range of treatment of H.Pylori in children.                                                                                                            


According to the recent studies about effect of probiotics, Documented that safety and useful of them in alimentary tract. Our study was showed that its useful for eradication of the common parasite of humane  gastroentric system (Hlicobacter pylori).But for better resulting ,need to the other investigations.                                                                                                                                  

Key words: Probiotic,Hlicobacter Pylori,children.Saccharomyces bolardi                                          




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Dr. Vidula Shriniwas Gujjarwar is working as Professor and Head of post graduation Dept. of Rognidana Vikriti Vigyana (pathology) at Ch. Brahm Prakash Ayurved Charak Sansthan, Khera Dabar, Najafgarh, New Delhi (Under Govt. Of NCT , New Delhi). She is having 21 years of Academic and Clinical experience in the field of Ayurveda. She has completed her graduation and post graduation in Ayurveda from University of Pune with Specialization in Rognidana Vikriti vigyana. She is having vast knowledge and experience in academic and clinical field in Ayurveda.  Dr. Vidula is working as incharge to various academic committees and as a member to various committees constituted by the Govt.of  New Delhi, CCIM, AYUSH Ministry Govt. of India. She is as Expert Speaker at national, International conferences, ROTPs and CMEs also havre organised conferences on various topics of Ayurveda in India. Dr. Vidula is Post Graduation Guide and subject expert/ paper setter in the panel of various Universities and Public Service commission and also as subject expert for Syllabus committee of CCIM, Govt. of India.



Ayurveda is science of life which has the aim to preserve the health by preventing diseases and treatment for the illness.

Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata Samhita-texts are the fundamental triad for explanation of deep knowledge regarding various aspects to prevent diseases and illustration of various treatments for various conditions ailments. For maintenance of day to day health many effective theories are explained in the name of Dina Charya- daily life style, Ritu charya- seasonal life style, Aahara vidhi visheshayatana -diet regimes and Aachara Rasayana- directions regarding physical and mental conduct.

Probiotic effect could be attained by following the above mentioned regimens and adopting daily and seasonal lifestyle as described in the texts. Which helps to maintain balance of body and mind.

Ayurveda science describes typical diet and dietatic and behaivarial routines based on fundamental body types known as 'Prikriti' or basic body constitution of each and every individual. To follow Ayurveda is to follow probiotic lifestyle this is what is the aim of this paper.


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Madeleine Karlsson studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach. In her work, Madeleine  helps her clients mend their relationship with food, improve their health and optimize their weight by learning how to eat intuitively. She is also an international speaker, corporate consultant and natural food chef.



Statement of the Problem: There has never been a time in history where we’ve had more information available about nutrition but there has never been a time when people have been more confused about what they should eat either. In addition to this, the market has been flooded with millions of man made products that promise optimal health. The abundance of information, of conflicting studies and of marketing messages is creating confusion in people’s mind about what to eat. The purpose of my work is to help my clients reconnect with their intuition in order to work out what type of fuel works best for them. This is a completely different approach from the mainstream but one that delivers amazing results because it relies on the body’s intelligence as a compass about what & when to eat. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: An inter subjective experiment instructing subjects to eliminate all processed foods, to eat a whole foods diet and to use meditation as a way to tune in with their inner wisdom over a period of 4 weeks. Findings: The subjects of the study all lost weight despite not having to follow a meal plan or a calorie controlled diet. They all reported higher energy level, improved digestive health and a better mood. One subject had high blood pressure and was taking medication for it but it came down to normal levels after only 3 weeks on the program. Another subject is in the process of coming off mood stabilizing medication and a third subject has not had a bulimic episode since she took part in the program. Conclusion & Significance: The human body is fitted with an inner wisdom, an intuition, that guides us to optimal health & weight when we follow it. Just like animals, we are guided to the right fuel at the right time if we rely exclusively on foods we find in nature. Even though bigger studies remain to be done, it shows that we have an inner guidance that is perhaps more powerful and reliable than our mind to optimize our fuel and to heal.