Probiotics in Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the world's fastest growing food production sector. However, fish culture is currently suffering from serious losses due to infectious diseases. The use of antimicrobial drugs, pesticides and disinfectant in aquaculture disease prevention and growth promotion has led to the evolution of resistant strains of bacteria. Thus, the research into the use of probiotics for aquaculture is increasing with the demand for environment – friendly sustainable aquaculture. The benefits of such supplements include improved feed value, enzymatic contribution to digestion, inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms, anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic activity, and increased immune response. These probiotics are harmless bacteria that help the well-being of the host animal and contribute, directly or indirectly to protect the host animal against harmful bacterial pathogens. The use of probiotics in aquaculture has just begun, due to the fact that gastrointestinal microbiota of aquatic organisms has been poorly characterized, and their effects are not studied extensively.

  • Probiotics: Biological control agent
  • Probiotics in shrimp aquaculture
  • Probiotics effect on growth performances
  • Soil and water enhancement by probiotics

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